quarta-feira, 17 de julho de 2013

Discover The Leisure Society - Fight For Everyone!

Gostei da canção ....

Ouvi no rádio essa canção esses dias atrás e gostei tanto do embalo que estou publicando aqui o vídeo dela para que gostar :

The Leisure Society - Fight For Everyone

When you're saved by the ring of the bell,
Is it hard to relax when you're told that you can never fail?
Has the spit that you spit from your teeth
Been replaced by a taste that has all but lost its novelty,
You don't need to change,
You just need fire and a little faith

In order to get what you want done, you must fight for everyone.
In order to get to what you needed, you spend time and nothing much.

And the moral is you live and learn.
There's a barb in your heart in a world on which we turn
And it seems you see what you mean
When you say last train and sold and rolling over me,
You don’t need to change; you just need fire a little faith.


And the moral is you live and learn.

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